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Analysis of the name Kalvin Miller

How popular is Kalvin Miller name in United Kingdom?

Popularity of the name Kalvin Miller has Fourty-Nine points (49.3) on our logarithmic scale, calculated from Kalvin name popularity with 20.6 points (0.025‰) and 78 points (1.676‰) for Miller surname. Our estimate is that 0.0000419‰ of UK population could have this name+surname combination, ≈Three citizens (2.6). [info]

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Famous UK persons with same name or surname

  • Fred Miller, Wales national rugby union player. Debut opposition: Ireland, debut date: 14 March 1896
  • Jonathan Miller, (b. 1934), writer and director (English writer)
  • Russell Miller, (b. 1938), biographer and journalist (English writer)
  • Thomas Miller, (1807–1874), novelist and poet (English writer)
  • Andrew Miller, (b. 1960), novelist (English writer)
  • Sienna Miller, (born 1981) (Actor, England)
  • Wentworth Miller, (born 1972) (Actor, England)
  • Frankie Miller, , Blues/Rock singer Guitarist and songwriter (Scottish musician)
  • Ruby Miller, (born 1992) (Cyclist, Wales)
  • Patrick Miller, (1730–1815), steamboat pioneer (Engineer and inventor, Scotland)
  • Philip Miller, 1691–1771 , botanist - (Scottish scientist)
  • James Miller, (1703–1744), playwright, poet and cleric (English writer)

Above list contents 12 names. This is not full-, only random list.

Letter statistic

Name Kalvin Miller have Twelve characters (0.7 less than average UK name). The name have 4 syllables and 4=33% vowels (-5.3%). . Typing speed is 3225 msec (-724 msec).

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